Transparent Digital Asset Solutions

Our mission is to enable the real-world adoption of digital assets by providing transparent and reliable technological primitives to our partners around the world.

Our Work

At Mento Labs, we are on a mission to develop the next generation of digital assets for real-world adoption. We innovate, develop and implement transparent digital asset solutions utilizing our expertise in financial markets, tokenomics, software engineering, and web3 product design.

Trust starts with transparency. That is why we built the Mento digital asset platform centered around the ideas of transparency, verifiability, and decentralization.

Partner Services

We collaborate closely with forward-thinking partners as a trusted innovation provider. We take projects from zero to hero, from supporting idea creation, to product design & development, all the way to launching digital assets. We also provide continued support in risk management, monitoring, and maintenance.

The Mento platform allows partners to launch and operate stable value and low-volatility digital assets in a transparent way.
Mento Labs offers customized and tailor-made asset solutions, with the complete suite of tools to launch and operate your digital asset.
The Mento platform supports all types of settlement, mixed-denomination and currency-basket assets.
We partner with world-leading companies to drive their customer engagement and to build loyalty networks.
Building blocks for tokens backed by regenerative real-world assets.

About Us

Mento Labs was founded in 2022 as a stablecoin and digital asset innovation lab through a spinoff from cLabs (Celo).

We are a team of economists, engineers, and web3 product experts dedicated to innovating and developing stablecoin and digital asset solutions for our partners in the web3 economy.

Everything we build is designed for trust. We believe trust starts with transparency, which is why our core principles are transparency, decentralization, stability, and sustainability.

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