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Mento Magazine Q4 2023

December 21st, 2023Victoria Calmon

This newsletter will inform the community about updates in the Mento ecosystem, link to recent developments and events, and share a preview for the coming months.

October Event Highlights

The Mento Labs team participated in external and internal events in October.

  • The Mento Labs team participated in an offsite in Berlin October 16-18 🇩🇪

November News & Events
Mento Labs Stablecoin Factory
A toolkit for swift and easy deployment of new decentralized stablecoins on Mento

To fulfill the demand to launch multiple decentralized stablecoins with different designs, it is important to automate the process. The Stablecoin Factory from Mento Labs will be the product that does exactly that. A no-code toolkit for launching new assets in a permissionless and decentralized manner, the Stablecoin Factory will allow future operators to deploy a new stablecoin by simply calling a function of a smart contract and providing the required parameters, like reference price feed, collateral asset, and name/ticker for the token.

Mento Labs events November 2023
Mento Labs at Devconnect & Celo DeFi & Trading Hackathon in Cape Town

December News & Events
Mento Labs events December 2023.
Meetup with RedStone and Mento Labs and the Mento Labs team in Berlin

  • Following the successful rollout in Nigeria and Kenya, Opera introduced MiniPay (a self-custodial cUSD stablecoin wallet integrated into the Opera Mini browser) to users in Ghana 🇬🇭

  • Meetup: “Enabling real-world use cases for crypto” with Mento Labs and RedStone in Berlin 🇩🇪 🍕

  • The Mento Labs team visited the Medieval Christmas market in Berlin 🇩🇪

  • HashKey Capital portfolio Demo Day featuring a Mento Labs’ presentation 🇸🇬

In the Press:
Markus Franke Mento Labs Blockworks
Opinion by Markus Franke featured in Blockworks

📰 “2024 Will be the Year for Stablecoins” featuring 5 stablecoin predictions by Markus Franke, CEO of Mento Labs. Read the article in Blockworks.

Mento Labs 12 Days of Mento
Celebrating partners in the Mento ecosystem

Mento Labs kicked off December with the “12 Days of Mento” celebrating partners across the Mento ecosystem:

Upcoming Events in Q1 2024

Meet the Mento Labs team IRL at:

  • CfC St. Moritz, January 10-12: “Mass crypto adoption across Africa - could it be a driver for the next bull run?” by Markus Franke, CEO at Mento Labs🇨🇭

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