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Hello world, hello Mento!

February 27th, 2023Markus Franke

Hello world, hello Mento community,

We quickly wanted to say hi! We are Mento Labs - a team of economists, engineers, and Web3 enthusiasts dedicated to the development of the open-source and permissionless Mento protocol. Mento Labs was recently spun-off from cLabs, the core developer company working on Layer 1 features of Celo. Most of the Mento Labs team members have been working on Celo for multiple years now and we all identify strongly with the mission and core values of Celo. At Mento Labs, we will continue our efforts of the past 5 years and keep on innovating on features of money and continue to develop transparent digital asset protocols.

2022 has been an interesting year in Web3, understandably people have trust issues. That’s why at Mento Labs, everything we build is designed to deserve and earn community trust. We believe that trust starts with transparency which is why we aim to build the most transparent platform out there, centered around the core building blocks of transparency, decentralization, stability, and sustainability.

Transparency for us has various aspects:

  • Technical: smart contract based, developed together with the community,
  • Governance: governed by the community, with an open forum for discussions
  • Risk: always seeking to diversify and control risk in a transparent and code-based fashion.

Our vision is that with these building blocks, and with transparency at its core, Mento will support a range of assets as a multi-asset platform, including assets that track e.g.:

  • global currencies,
  • baskets of currencies,
  • local baskets of goods and
  • commodities.

The main communication channel of the Mento Labs team and Mento community members is Discord. This is where we discuss Mento economics, technical features etc. We are committed to working out in the open as much as possible so if you want to see what we are currently up to and/or want to contribute to Mento, please join our server chat.mento.org, we would love to welcome you there!

To stay up to date with Mento news and what is going on in the Mento community you can also follow https://twitter.com/MentoProtocol and subscribe to our newsletter, the Mento Magazine here.

You can expect a whole bunch of exciting news on Mento over the coming months so stay tuned! If you have any questions in the meantime, please let us know!

Cheers and best,

The Mento Labs Team

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