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Mento Labs Partner Spotlight: Hurupay

March 25th, 2024Victoria Calmon

As the need for efficient and affordable cross-border payments has become increasingly evident in Africa, new solutions in the Web3 space are offering a more accessible alternative to traditional payment processors. With families, businesses, and individuals spread across various countries, the ability to transfer funds quickly and inexpensively is essential for economic growth and financial inclusion throughout the continent. Traditional solutions often come with high fees and slow transaction speeds, posing significant barriers to seamless financial transactions. This is where stablecoin wallets come in, offering a promising solution to revolutionize the landscape of cross-border payments in Africa.

About Hurupay

Hurupay, a stablecoin wallet, available in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Rwanda that is backed by influential organizations like Harvard Innovation Labs and Amazon Web Services, aims to address this challenge by enabling individuals to access stablecoins for instant and affordable cross-border payments and savings. Users are able to use the Hurupay wallet by directly sending money to mobile money wallets like M-pesa, MoMoPay or their bank accounts, and using only their name, mobile number and network operator.

Hurupay’s Mission

Hurupay's vision is to enable families and friends to seamlessly conduct instant and affordable cross-border money transactions within Africa and around the world. Their mission is to empower African users with the financial tools necessary to connect with their loved ones across borders.

Why Partner with Mento Labs?

Hurupay's partnership with Mento Labs is driven by several key factors. Access to the cUSD stablecoin has been instrumental in enabling Hurupay’s users to easily save in Dollars and conduct transactions with minimal fees. Additionally, partnering with Mento Labs has provided Hurupay with access to a network of esteemed partners within the Celo blockchain ecosystem, such as impactMarket, Haraka Finance, Fonbnk, Opera MiniPay and Paychant, among others. This network opens up new avenues for collaboration and service offerings, ultimately enhancing the user experience.

Hurupay and Mento Labs’ Partnership Testimonials

“Access to the cUSD stablecoin enables our users to easily save in Dollars and in addition, incur near zero fees sending money on-chain. The gas fees are also paid in cUSD which makes transactions efficient,” said Philip Mburu, CEO at Hurupay. “We love that the Mento Labs’ team is always approachable and available to support us both technically and strategically as we grow and improve our product.”

“Embracing stablecoins safeguards users’ earnings against currency devaluation and inflation risks. With accessible instant transactions and fair exchange rates, Hurupay users have a reliable solution leveraging cUSD that empowers them to stay financially connected with their loved ones across borders," said Markus Franke, CEO at Mento Labs.

Hurupay’s Solution

Hurupay's solution simplifies the process of on and off-ramping crypto for users. Upon downloading the Hurupay app and creating an account, users can seamlessly make cross-border payments or save in Dollars. To deposit funds, users initiate a deposit request and send fiat money from their bank or wallet, instantly receiving cUSD in their Hurupay wallet. Sending money to other Hurupay users incurs minimal fees, with gas fees being extremely low. Withdrawals are equally straightforward, with users providing recipient details and receiving fiat equivalent to their cUSD balance.

Mento Stables in Action

Hurupay currently utilizes the cUSD stablecoin to provide users with easy access to Dollars for savings and transactions. Currently, over 2,000 users benefit from instant and cost-effective access to Dollars for savings and cross-border transfers. The platform has processed 15,000 transactions totaling $500,000 primarily driven by cross-border transfers across Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Rwanda.

Next Steps

Moving forward, Hurupay aims to expand its user base and operational footprint across Africa through targeted marketing initiatives in collaboration with Mento Labs, Celo Africa DAO, and other ecosystem partners. The platform also intends to explore partnerships aimed at engaging the African diaspora in the US and Europe. Hurupay is soon finalizing APIs to facilitate seamless on and off-ramping of crypto payments for non-crypto partners, thereby broadening access to Web3 technologies. Future plans include the introduction of stablecoin-based credit financing, yield on stablecoin savings, and regenerative finance solutions, all aimed at further enhancing the financial empowerment of users.

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